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Hey footboys, I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton, welcome to My foot fetish site where I create and satisfy foot fetishes and fantasies. Are you looking for some real hot POV foot fetish videos? My feet are always ready. They're the softest soles and the most suckable toes you will find. But don't let that fool ya. They will dominate you and always leave you begging for more. Wanna masturbate while looking at toes and soles? I'll tease you with My perfect feet and instruct you to jack off for Me! Gotta hot creamy load to spew all over My toes right now?

A Most Excellent Footjob

you never thought that you would end up on My bed. you've heard that I was the Queen of all things footjob but you never really believed it. Now you're here. I'm not going to say anything to try and convince you. I'm just going to start by doing what I do very well. After a little lube and some handy work, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Will you be able to keep yourself composed? Don't worry. I will control you. I know how to give intense pleasure without getting you anywhere near the edge. Leaving you with no chance of ejaculating until I am ready for you to do so. I manipulate your cock with My feet and occasionally a stroke of My hand. I keep this up without giving you a break for more than 20 minutes. The intensity is more than you can stand. you don't want it to end but you can't take anymore. I can see acceptance in your face. you clearly understand that My feet own this cock. Now is the time to finish you. When I finally allow you to ejaculate onto My feet it's more relief than finality as your mind and body have been in sensitivity overload from this most excellent footjob.

Controlling The Boss

In this POV pantyhose, footjob clip you are the boss of the office. I can't help but notice how you're always looking at My feet in heels... letting your eyes work their way up to My pantyhose clad legs and sexy skirts. It's clear, to Me, that I have control over you and now I'm going to make you change some company policies. you have been the guy in charge for so long; but, you are about to give over control to My feet as I begin to work your cock over with them. One oily pantyhose footjob and I'll get everything I want from you.

Did he Really Lose?

he knew the deal if he lost. he agreed to kiss My feet. Well, I won now it's time to pay up. Trying to talk his way out of it won't work this time. No sex ever again until he kisses My feet. Once I get him on his knees kissing My feet I let him in on a little secret... He can stop acting like he doesn't like My feet. I know the truth. I snooped through his phone and found out that he follows a bunch of foot fetish girls on social media. Plus, he has a lot of creep shots on his memory card. Clearly he has a strong foot fetish which he has been hiding from Me for all these years of marriage. So, I make him suck My toes as I tell him that I think he purposely lost that bet. I can see that I'm in control of him as I make him lick My feet. he will delete his social media and all his pictures now because My feet completely own him.

Post Workout Foot Worship

We get home from gym day and by the time I get to the room he's already asleep. What better time to make him smell My sweaty feet. I remove My shoes and socks. I place My socks on his face and make him take in the aroma. Then it's sweaty feet time as I place them in his face. This gets him up and he starts to worship My feet, licking My soles and sucking My toes. I didn't think he would like My gym feet but he's not resisting. Nothing like some post workout foot worship fun. I just might have to make this a regular event.

Gym Feet Make you Cum

I been at the gym for a few hours working out. I come home to find you right where I expect you to be... laying on the ground at My chair waiting for My sweaty gym feet. That's where this POV Footjob clip starts. I tease your cock with My shoes but, I know that you want more. I remove My shoes and start to tease your cock with My socks. But, it's the barefeet that you want now. That's why you're here. I remove My socks and begin to work your cock over with My sweaty feet. After a bit I put some slick oil on your cock. That's the way I like footjobs... Slick and wet. Besides, you love My oily feet as much as you love My sweaty feet. Now, I really start to perform My footjob magic on your stiff cock until I get a big load of that cum that you have saved up for Me. It gushes out and drips down My toes. I use My feet to get every drop out that I can, then... I dip my toes back into the puddle and cover My toes with cum.

Friday Night Surprise

It's Friday night and My guy and I are on the couch. He just about to get his usual Friday night handjob. I was on his computer earlier today and I came across a folder called FEET. I opened it and found lots of videos of girls giving guys footjobs. I had no idea that he was into that. I confront him with this information and surpise him with a great footjob. I can tell by his big cumshot that we'll start having Friday night footjobs.

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Latest Updates

MILF Soles Black Polished Toes


I know that I've made you wait for a little while. Is not seeing a new clip of My feet driving you foot crazy? Well today I'm sitting in yoga pants and wearing socks. I know how bad you want those soft MILF soles on your screen. I won't make you wait ling before I remove My socks, using just My feet of course. Today I'm sporting black polish since it's the most requested color currently. I don't say anything in this clip. Not that you would hear Me anyway as My foot teasing already controls your mind.

Savor My Feet For Dinner


I've prepared something really special for you for dinner. It's not your usual fare. Tonights menu features two perfect soles for you. Nice and soft just like you like. Included will be My long toes. Perfect for you to suck on each one. Take your time tonight. Savor every inch of My perfect feet; but, don't touch yourself. I want all of your attention on My feet.

Penis Stroking Virtual Foot Worship


Did you miss Me? I know you missed My feet. you probably have your penis in your hand already. Are you ready to stroke your penis for My pretty MILF feet? I know you are. Can you lick My soles while you stroke your penis? Show Me. I'll tease you with My sexy MILF feet and toes while giving you masturbation instruction and encouragement.

Cock Stroking Foot Session


I see My little foot lover is all in place. Tell Me, is your cock ready for My feet? I know it is. They're your two favorite things and you just love to masturbate to them, for Me and you will in today's session. Worship My feet while you stroke. Are you ready to cum for My feet?

Under My Desk Foot Tease


you're that guy that wishes he was invisible or maybe some small critter that could get under your co-workers desk and spy on Her feet, aren't you? I know you are now because you're still reading. In this clip you can slide off into that fantasy as you are seeing My feet at ground level from behind My chair today. I don't know you're there but the feet in high heels show is just what you wanted to see.

Stinky Shoes and Feet Tease


I know what you want stinky footboy. you want to get a big whiff of whats inside the gym shoes that I've been wearing. They stink, a lot. That turns you on even more doesn't it. Let's take one off and test it out. Whew! It's just how you like them. Why does that sweet and funky smell make your dick so hard? Wanna smell them? Suck My toes first. Here ya go. Can you see My toe prints inside? I wonder if these insoles come out. They do. Win for you. Look at that foot print. Let Me fan them and waft that smell your way.

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Embrace your Foot Fetish


Hey you. I heard a rumor about you. I hear that you have a foot fetish but are trying to keep it a secret. Why? These are modern times. If feet are what get you going then you should embrace your fetish. I'm gonna make you do that today and in the process make you addicted to My feet in particular. I've noticed that you've been rubbing your hard dick through your pants. Pull it out, set it free and stroke it for My feet. They are the feet you want to cum so very hard for. My instructions and foot teasing will coax you all the way to a great orgasm and you can then join the ranks of My foot addicts.

you Are Sole Addicted


Lying there beneath My perfect barefoot soles, your cock is harder than it has been in a long time. I haven't even said a word. The realization sweeps over you that you are sole addicted to My feet. It's been that way for years. Once you watched a video of My feet you were unable to satisfy your foot fetish any other way. Not fully. Farther and farther under my foot spell you go and I still haven't said a word. How am I dong this to you. How did I get so much control without speaking. How did I know that you would be masturbating beneath My feet? Cum for Me.

Smoking Soles


A blonde MILF wearing a silk robe has Her pretty, bare feet in front of your face. She lights up a cigarette. It seems that She has something on Her mind and it likely concerns you. She doesn't say anything but it seems like She expects something from you. Does She want you to service Her feet? Does She want you to hold Her ashtray and inhale all of Her second hand smoke? Maybe She just wants to look down on you while you masturbate. What are you going to do?

My Soles Completely Own you


I know why you came by today. you want to see My perfect little feet. you just can't resist them. It's been that way for years. I know you'll start stroking to them before I even tell you to. That's ok. It's a side effect of being completely owned by My soles. I'll encourage and instruct you masturbation while skillfully teasing with My feet and words. Of course this only reinforces My complete ownership of you and your fetish. Now, let's empty those balls so that we can do this all over again.

Chipped Polish


I'm a little disappointed right now. It seems that My pedicure didn't last very well. you can see how My polish is all chipped up. That never happens. My toes are always perfect, aren't they. Not this time. What I need is a footboy that knows how to polish toes correctly and make My polish last. Are you that footboy?

Mental Manipulation and Masturbation


On the floor My feet above you begin to feel that you've found your place in the world. My perfect feet and manipulative words go to work on your mind making you weak and unable to resist Me and My feet. While this happens without even realizing it you have begun to beat your meat for My feet. It's so easy to control your cock, so easy to control you. As you ejaculate to My command you realize that you are owned and powerless to resist My feet.

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