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Hey footboys, I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton, welcome to My foot fetish site where I create and satisfy foot fetishes and fantasies. Are you looking for some real hot POV foot fetish videos? My feet are always ready. They're the softest soles and the most suckable toes you will find. But don't let that fool ya. They will dominate you and always leave you begging for more. Wanna masturbate while looking at toes and soles? I'll tease you with My perfect feet and instruct you to jack off for Me! Gotta hot creamy load to spew all over My toes right now?

footboy Films Me Finding Shoes

In this clip I'm wearing flip flops but I'm looking for My tennis shoes. This wasn't supposed to be a video but hubby was taping it. He says he wants to post it so I make him kiss My feet and act like a footboy or else he has to delete it. I know you wish you were My footboy in this video!

My Soles Take Your Cum

You know what My soles are going to do today. They are going to take your cum. They always do. I can hardly wait for you to start stroking your hard cock for Me. Take it nice and slow. Make it last. I want your cum on My soles but, I want a big load. We'll build it up by stroking slow and really taking our time getting there. Long, slow, steady strokes then I want you to cum for Me. I'll give you lots of cum encouragement until you cum hard for My feet.

Cummy Soles At The Shoe Store

Custom Video Request - No Names Used: "Here is the script I came up with, let me know if this is something you could do, but just to warn you this is pretty dirty, and sorry in advance for the novel:)

It starts out with you in a fake shoe store. You are there after just coming out of a gangbang! You are wearing your sexy red wedges, and your toes are light pink like the attached pic with the red wedges. Also please have your soles nice and dirty again:) And please wear you glasses and have your short natural hair:) You are so beautiful:)

You are in the shoe store looking at shoes. The general flow of the video is that you are on your cell phone talking to your friend as you are looking at the shoes. Please have full body shots of you looking at the shoes, but also please have some closeups of your sexy feet in heels. Especially please have shots of you kneeling over so your sexy dirty soles are visible.

You start by talking about the gangbang you just came from. And how all these guys were fucking you, and cumming all over you. You talk about how early on some guys could not hold back and jacked off all over you face. They got it all over your hair and glasses. So for the rest of the gangbang you were sucking and fucking these guys with cum all over your face. You even mention that these guys were double penetrating you. You say as the gangbang was going on the guys would be cumming on your face, chest and ass, the usual places. But then they really started focusing on your sexy feet in those red wedges. While you were getting fucked on your back two guys would be fucking your sexy feet in your red wedges, then they would end up cumming all over your sexy feet in your red wedges. And when they were all done two more guys would come and replace them and fuck and cum all over your sexy feet in red wedges. But now unfortunately they are ruined, and you are in the shoe store looking for some more heels to replace them.

As you tell the first part of the story I would love to see you get on your knees and see the back of your wedges as they pop slightly off your heels to get small glimpses of your sexy dirty soles. This would drive me crazy in real life!

As you finish the first part of you story the shoe salesman finally shows up! You are annoyed by him, and you ask him if he was listening in on your private call, he says no, and you have him get you the wooden white strap mules(like in pic attached). While you are waiting for the new shoes, you take off your red wedges, and you talk to your friend on the phone about how since these guys really seem to like your feet in heels, you need to find a pair that will give them better access to fucking your feet in heels. While waiting you lay on your stomach, and do some stretching so that you get your feet in the pose position. At this point we get a nice shot of your sexy dirty soles.

The salesman comes back, and you are like sorry I was just stretching. And you abruptly tell him to leave after handing you the heels.

When you get the wooden mules you try them on and continue to look at the heels in the shoes story. You also get on your knees so you can pop your dirty soles off the wooden mules. You continue talking with you friend about the heels you have on and wonder if the gangbang guys would like these ones. You talk about how you like how these ones show off your sexy soles, and guys just love to rub their cocks all over your sexy soles and jack off all over them. You now find a pair of black mules to try on, and surprisingly the salesman is there to take your order for you to bring those heels next. But you do ask him again if he is listening in on your private call, and again he says no.

Rather quickly he brings you the pair of black pleaser mules(like pic attached). As soon as he hands them to you, you tell him he can leave rather harshly, and you will let him know if you need him again. As you put on the black mules you walk around and also notice the sound they make as you slap your soles. You tell your friend on the phone I bet their cocks will be hard when they hear me coming in these. Again you get on your knees and pop your sexy dirty soles as you are looking at the other heels in the store. You tell your friend on the phone that these guys may not be able to last with these heels, and they may just jack off and cum all over your sexy dirty soles as they are popped off your heels. As you say this you look over your shoulder to see what it would be like to watch the guys do that, but you are surprised to see the salesmen standing there looking at your sexy dirty soles popped off your black mules. You are very angry at him, and again ask him if he has been listening to your private conversation. Again he denies it, and it this point you tell your friend you need to hang up and deal with this guy!

You tell him you want to see his manager, and he finally admits he was listening, and was looking at your sexy dirty soles in your sexy heels(you repeat what he says there is no need to have an actual guy talking). He even has the balls to ask you if he can jack off and cum all over your sexy dirty soles in those black pleaser heels. But then you are like, well buddy this is your lucky day! So you tell him to take you to the dressing room, and have him whip out his cock while you get up on the bench/bed, and let him jack off and cum all over your sexy dirty soles while they are popped off your black mules. You give him plenty of encouragement to "jack off", and "shoot your cum" , all over your sexy dirty soles in mules. Then finally he cums(fake shot all over your sexy dirty soles popped off the black pleaser mules.) Some nice close ups of your sexy cum covered dirty soles popped off the mules. Then you walk out and we can hear the sound of the mules slapping your freshly cummed soles as you walk away."

Sparkly Toes

All My footboys love to jump at the chance to see My pretty sparkly toes. Take a tour as the camera works it's way around My toes as I tease you. No words today. you don't need them. There is a back beat to pace you as you beat off while staring at My sexy feet and toes. 'cause we both know you are going to.

My Feet Live In Your Head

I walk in to My house to find you inside. I know what you have come for. You wanted to get a glimpse of Me in these sexy heels that you bought Me. Look at you. I'll bet you are wondering how you got this way. You keep asking yourself how fell so deep. What have I done to you. For starters I have made your big black cock hard. That's kinda what happens when I own it. I control it. I want it stroked. You can't help yourself, can you. My feet live in your head. You just can't stop thinking about them, stroking for them, cumming for them. This is what you have been reduced to. Fortunately you love it. Keep stroking that BBC for Me. I want your cum all over My pretty soles.

Under Stinky Giantess Feet

I attempt to put My boot on and what do I find hiding inside... a tiny little fucker that appearantly likes foot stink. Well, he is going to get more than he bargained for as he finds himself overwhelmed by My sweet, stinky Giantess feet. After some teasing and scolding, I bring down My perfect Gaintess feet on him, tenderizing him before putting him in My mouth as a snack.

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Sneaking Around With Mature Feet

Custom Request - No Names Used - 'You are my "step-mom's" best friend. You are barefoot soles to camera and You are on the phone to "step-mom" and she tells she overheard one of my friends complimenting me about fooling around with an older woman. My "step-mom" is very upset and is talking to u about it. Little does she know I am there at your feet about to worship them. My "step-mom" all of a sudden flips out and accuses you and you panic and be like I have known him since he was born and you say " yes I know you would kick my ass " I would never do anything like that with your "step-son" you say while giving me funny looks. You tell her it was most likely boys just being stupid and my "step-mom" apologies for getting angry and when you get off the phone u laugh and instruct me to smell and lick your soles. You say " if your "step-mother" knew it was me god she would kick my ass.. she is one scary bitch'

Cum For Me Foot Lover

Hey foot lover. Do you have a big load of cum saved up for Me? I have the feet that you need and I have them very much in your face today. Filling your screen with feet while you stroke your cock to My instruction and encouragement is what I have planned for you in this one. My plans always include lots of foot teasing, trigger words, slow stroking pace that builds toward the end and, of course, a big release of all that cum you have built up in your balls from dreaming about My feet. Now, are you ready to cum for Me foot lover?

Delicious, Addictive Foot Crack

Sensual, seductive, flirty feet tease is on tap for you today sole lover. I'll start off with these sexy heels and tease them off to reveal what you come to cum for. Oh that foot loving cock is so hard for Me right now, isn't it. Stroke it for Me. Nice and slow so that you can make it to the end. Then, when I say, you can give Me that huge eruption of cum that My feet love so much.

Doubling Your Reason To Cum

My feet are the reason you stroke and the reason you cum. I wanted to increase your desire but, I only have these two perfect feet. So, I decided to reflect perfection in a lighted mirror so that you could double your fetish pleasure by getting to see the veiny tops of My feet along with the French polished toes, plus the sexy perfect soles that you are already addicted to. Voila! you have double the reson to stroke and cum for Me. Now pull out that foot loving cock and stroke it for My cum loving feet.

Airing Out My Sweaty Feet

We went out to Red Rock to see the sights and get some steps in. It was so beautiful and so much fun but, walking in the desert really gets My feet hot and sweaty. So we stopped at on of the scenic overlooks and I took off My badass walking shoes and aired out My sweaty feet. Of course we always have a camera with us so I had it recorded for you. The bright sunshine really shows off My veins. I'll walk barefoot, trot just a bit and tease you just enough to leave you wanting more before putting My shoes back on. I had to put music in the background because the wind noise was just too much to subject you to.

Fucking My Feet

Oh lucky day. My man gets his fuck on with My feet in this hot footjob video. He's doing what you wish you were doing. I'll tease you about it while getting My perfect feet fucked until cum gets shot onto them. ya know I just had to lick some up! yum! I know you wish you were My footboy in this video!

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These Feet Miss your Cum

Did you miss Me? Did you miss these perfect feet? Have you endured the wait to get to stroke and cum for these MILF feet? They have missed you too. I love taking your big hot load of sticky cum all over My feet. I miss it. I think it's time that I take a load from you, right now. Pleanty of sensual encouragement to stroke and cum while enjoying My perfect feet propped up on a table with sexy wrinkled soles and perfectly tasty toes just waiting for your cum.

Seduced By Pretty MILF Feet

A pretty, barefoot, blonde MILF, in lingerie, on a bed. Erotic music playing in the background. you never really had a chance. you're captivated by the scene and the movements. Those perfect feet and toes with sparkling black polish on such a sexy woman cause a fetish overload for you. I haven't even spoken and you are completely mine... Seduced, without even the slightest struggle, by My pretty MILF feet.

Boss Pays Bonus In Feet

You work for Me and are one My top producers. I've called you into My office for a performance review. No need for you to be worried. Your performance has been stellar. I like to reward My top people with exactly what they desire. Since you are unable to keep your thoughts to yourself and have told pretty much everyone in the office that you have a strong foot fetish and are obsessed with My feet, I know exactly how I will pay your bonus... in feet. Our adventure will start with foot teasing and end with you finishing off on My perfect, Boss feet. Maybe this incredible foot experience will motivate you to work even harder. I hope so. I loved it.

Cum Hard For These Feet

What do I have have hiding inside these little black flats? Everything you want and need. I know how much you need to stroke and cum for My feet. I know these feet own you and your cock. Are you ready to get started? Let's see that rock hard, foot loving cock. Stroke it. I want you to cum for Me. I'll give you all of the encouragement you need to give Me a big eruption of cum. you know that is what I want.

Teasing My Boot Licker

Boot lover, boot licker, boot bitch... if any of those describe you then this is your clip. I'll tease you about your boot fetish while catering to it. I'll tease you further into your fetish with My sexy boots. If you were able to take your eyes off of the boot tease you would find that this outfit is exceptionally hot, fishnet pantyhose and all. I know that boots are your weakness so I'll make sure that your cock gets really hard for Me but, don't expect any relief.

Cum For Me Loyal Foot Soldier

Look at these perfect feet. Is your dick hard already? I knew it would be. you're such a loyal footboy. Go ahead and take out that hard cock and start stroking it. Nice and slow for Me and My perfect feet. Do you want to be the best little foot soldier for Me? Do you have what it takes? Will talk about that while you stroke your foot loving cock to My soft, pretty feet. It will be a sexy fun little foot tease and stroke session. In the end I'll provide you, My loyal foot soldier, with a few minutes of cum encouragement so that you can drop that hot load for My feet.

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