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Hey footboys, I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton, welcome to My foot fetish site where I create and satisfy foot fetishes and fantasies. Are you looking for some real hot POV foot fetish videos? My feet are always ready. They're the softest soles and the most suckable toes you will find. But don't let that fool ya. They will dominate you and always leave you begging for more. Wanna masturbate while looking at toes and soles? I'll tease you with My perfect feet and instruct you to jack off for Me! Gotta hot creamy load to spew all over My toes right now?

Distracted, Aroused And Satisfied

Are My feet distracting you? I can move them away if you like. Are you sure? OK then, I'll leave them propped up here. Are you sure that it's ok? You are really staring at My feet and it, well, appears as if you are getting turned on. It's pretty obvious. Maybe you should pull it out and jerkoff. Why not? You can't be embarassed at this point. I mean, seriously. You are sitting there staring at My feet and your dick is hard. Let Me let you in on a little secret. I love watching men jackoff, especially when it is for My feet. Now, pull out that foot loving dick and start masturbating for My Me. I want you to cum really, really hard for Me. Are you going to do that for Me... for My feet?

Entry Level Position

Everyone says that you have to start at the bottom, in an entry level position. That's especially true here. You'll find yourself looking up at the Boss who doesn't even bother to acknowledge you as She looks down on you and smokes. Why would She notice or talk to you? you are, afterall, just a new peon worker drone that has to answer to Her. So powerful. She does look like your Goddess in those shiny black pantyhose and dangling Her heels. If you work hard trying to please Her... perhaps She'll acknowledge you one day but, not today.

Bull Or Foot cuck?

This clip will tell you a lot about yourself. It is a POV footjob on a BBC toy. I'm giving a footjob to My boyfriend and have asked him to record it. My foot cuck husband is in the other room. I'll be addressing both My bull and My foot cuck, POV, while I stroke this giant fuckstick with My hands and feet. One will be treated like the well endowed bull that he is and the other will be teased and humiliated for the foot cuck that he is. Now, you will naturally connect with one of these POVs as you watch. I wonder which one it will be. Are you the bull or the foot cuck?

My Feet Crave Your Cum

Did you bring what I asked for? A hard cock and balls full of cum. You did. Good boy. I have what you want too. Two, pretty, soft, perfect MILF feet. Are you ready to get started? Stroke that cock for Me. Stroke it for these feet that crave your cum. I want it. I need it. You are going to give it to Me. I want it all. Imagine that you're licking these soles and sucking these toes while you stroke that cock. Are you ready to give Me all of that cum? Do it. Let it go.

Perfect, Soft, Addictive Feet

What do I have hiding inside the hot shoes? Two, too perfect feet that will make your cock rock hard as soon as you get a glimpse of them. So perfect, so soft and so addicting, they easily control you. They own you. They own your cock and the hand that's stroking your cock. They own that big load fo cum to and they are here to collect it. Are you going to give Me all of your sticky jizz, footboy? Of course you are. Stroke that foot loving cock. Cum for Me. Cum for My feet.

Triggered To Cum For Feet

I've got something for you. They are going to make your dick so fucking hard. Are you ready to see them... those two perfect addicting feet. As I put My first foot on display your cock is already hard. That was easy. It's always easy for Me when I use My... feet. Everytime you hear the word it triggers you again. It's time to stroke. Another of your trigger words. I want you to cum for Me. Damn that's your trigger phrase. So many times I say the things drive you closer to the edge. We have to keep the stroking slow though. It is important that we make it last, even though that is harder for you to do with every passing second. Sultry, sexy and seductive My feet will do what they always do to you... trigger you to stroke and cum for Me.

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Pantyhose Feet Take your Job

I've come into your office to interview for the asst manager position. I have done My research on you and have learned things that I will use to My advantage. I know that you are weak for powerful mature women, busty MILF cleavage, pantyhose and feet. Very weak for pantyhose feet. Before this interview is completed I will use all of My skills to seduce, manipulate and control you. In the end, you will have a big mess of cum in your pants, you will give Me your position as the manager and you will step down to being My assistant. I love being Me.

Do My Feet Make you Hard

It's time to take a foot fetish test. This clip is POV style. I'm gonna tease you with My feet and check for an erection by rubbing them on your crotch area. If you get an erection, then I now that you have a foot fetish. you must if My feet make your cock hard. It looks like the cameraman has a foot fetish...who knew?

Cable Guy Seduced With Feet

I really want to thank you for fixing My cable. It has sucked not having it. I want to show you My appreciation but, your not allowed to accept cash tips. Maybe there is another way I could... I mean, I was thinking... I have a little confession to make. When you were downstairs, I was looking out the window and noticed that you were looking at your phone. I could see that you were looking at pictures of feet. Do you have a foot fetish? Yeah? I kinda figured that you did. I was thinking that, just maybe, I could tip you with My feet. Have you ever kissed on feet? Worshiped them? Anything like that? Ya see, that's My thing. I just love when a dude wants to get all up in My feet. Do you have some time to spare that you could spend worshipping My feet. I mean, they're soft, pretty and they love a warm mouth. I promise that I won't tell anyone. - Doesn't that sound cute and fun? Don't be fooled. I get what I want. By the end I'll own this cable guy just like I own every guy that gets under My feet.

Shh Keep It Between Us

I see you watching Me. you signal that we have to be quiet so that you don't get caught. I start to tease you with My tits; but, you are interested in jerking off for something else. I deduce that you want to see My feet. Knowing that you can't risk exposure I give you silent visual jerk off instruction. It doesn't take words to control your cock, erections and orgasms. I prove that in this clip. Enjoy the foot tease and follow the instructions to a big release. Just remember... shh keep it between us.

Feet Obsession Stroke Session

Imagine yourself naked at the end of My bed. My perfect MILF feet are directly in front of you. This has been the start of all of your foot fanatasies. Let yourself indulge in your feet fantasy today. Virtual foot love. Worship them, stroke for them. Follow My instructions and cum hard for them. I'll be taking all of your cum today. I'll do it with My feet and My voice. Are you ready to give Me every last drop of cum that you have?

Wanna Fuck My New Shoes?

Hey shoe fanatic. I've got something that is going to make your dick so hard. Look at these expensive new shoes. How fucking cute are these. Don't you just love them. Are you stroking it already? Do you see this place right here on these shoes. You could put your dick right here and fuck them. I'll bet that is the first thing you thought of when you saw them. Stroke your cock. Jerkoff to My instructions while you imagine that you are fucking these bad ass new shoes of mine. Imagine sliding your cock on these soles and letting go a huge load of cum for Me.

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The Only Feet You Can't Escape

Are you ready to jerk that fucking cock for some feet? Not just any feet, though, only these perfect, fucking, MILF feet do it for you. You have fallen in and out with lots of feet on the internet. All of those feet had one thing in common... you could live without them. You could easily escape them... quit them. These feet are the only feet that you just can not escape. After all of these years, they are still your sole mates. Your addicted to them and today isn't going to make that addiction any weaker. We are going to have us a great little foot teasing, jerkoff session and you are going to give Me the all of that cum.

The Mature Feet Experience

You have a thing for an older woman's feet. I get it. You know that a mature woman knows what She wants. So much experience gets brought into an encounter with a mature woman's feet. Are you ready to take on the experience? Do you want to know how hard you will cum when a mature MILF with many years of fetish experience satisfies your foot fetish cravings... When a hot MILF takes your cum because She actually wants you to cum for Her feet? Now is the time footboy.

Playtime With Aunt Nikki's Feet

Aunt Nikki is always here to take care of you. I know how much you love My perfect feet so, you are going to masturbate for them today. We have been doing this together for quite a while now. You know that I like to take things slowly and make the pleasure last. Show My feet how much you love them. You have become the best footboy that I have ever had. Do you like it when I call you My footboy? We have plenty of playtime in this one for you to fully indulge in your love for Aunt Nikki's feet and ejaculate hard for them in the end. Of course, we still have to keep things a secret. This is our special playtime and we don't want to have to stop.

Perfect Beautiful Delicious Feet

You are here for your daily dose of feet. I have the perfect feet to make you do anything. Like right now. Here you are, beneath My perfect, beautiful, delicious feet and, today, they are going to take your cum. Not that I have to really 'take' it as you willingly give it to Me. It is not within your abilities to resist jerking off for My feet. you dick has mind of it's own... and it wants My feet. Follow My stroking instructions while you enjoy the perfect feet tease and I'll get another big load from you in the end.

What Will Make You Cum?

Are you ready for a stroke session? The question will be... what are you going to be stroking for? Will it be My perfect feet or will you be stroking for My smoking? Either way you will be stroking to one or both of them. Look at these feet. I know you foot boys can't get enough of them. I know all of My little smoke junkies can't get enough of those deep inhales. I've got you all covered today. I'll tease both of your fetishes today while I instruct your stroking.

Hungry For Feet

Are you hungry for feet? Well, I can feed you. I have the perfect feet to feed that addiction. I'll start with a tease. It won't take much to get your dick hard. It has a thing for feet, ya know. I know that you have to stroke it when you see My feet so, I'll instruct you on that as well. Today though, I want you to virtually worship My perfect feet to My instructions. Sucking My toes and licking My soles while you stroke your cock. I'll even suck My own toes. I know this is your foot dream. Live it out today, up close and personal before releasing a big load of cum in the end.

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