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I'm glad to see that you're still surfing My site and checking out all of the hot MILF foot fetish video updates that I have posted. It seems to Me that you like what you see. That's a good thing. I'm sure you'll love being a member of My site where you can see My exclusive foot fetish videos. Plus... I have two other fetish sites featuring smoking, pantyhose and femdom pov. When you join one, you get access to all three. What are ya waiting for? It's time to relieve that throbbing cock and those aching balls by rubbing one out to My teasing and instruction.

Foot Fetish Videos

Cum For Feet In Five

Since you're always telling how you can't make it through one of My clips without cumming before the end, I decided to make you one that is a little shorter and include a countdown timer for the whole jerkoff session. I'll tease with My feet and instruct your stroking while the clock winds down. Don't watch the clock. Keep your eyes on My feet. I want that big load of cum.

Red Makes you Weak

Everybody has a weakness and yours is the color red. It'll be too easy for Me to control you today. Red lips, long red fingernails and the red soles of My high heel Loubies. Perhaps you think you can hold out. Not likely when I start to worship those heels. I'll kiss and lick them. I'll suck of the heel. Is your body trembling? I know you with you were here doing this with Me.

A Very Lucky Day

It's your very, very lucky day today. This clip is overloaded with your favorite fetishes. Let's see, I'm wearing high heels with toeless pantyhose on My long legs. you can stare at My long black polished fingernails as I rub Myself with a black leather cigarette case. I'll even suck on My own sweet toes. Then, I'll light up a Newport 100 and blow thick plumes of white smoke as I suck cock. Lying on My back with My head hanging off the bed, I'll give a really hot BJ. But I know that for you it's all about the feet, so I let him put his cock inside the seam of My toeless pantyhose and fuck My soft creamy soles. Between the sensation of the nylons and My soles he's forced to give Me a thick creamy ending to this very, very lucky day.

Summer School Surprise

Summer school has never been like this but, then again, you've never had a teacher like Nikki Ashton before. Today's class is going to be about feet. you heard Me right, feet. Now I know that some of you are like, fuck yeah and others are like WTF, feet. Trust Me. I have a foot fetish and I know that you will like feet, too by the time we finish this lesson. Feet can be very erotic. Touching, rubbing, kissing and licking them can make a woman very aroused, as well. At least it will arouse this woman. Now, I want all of you to remove those ridiculous uniform pants as well as your under shorts. Wow, look a that. So many of you are already erect. Today, you are going to masturbate you penis, right here in class, while you take turns kissing My feet and licking My toes. Then, when I say so, I want everyone to cum at the same time for My feet. Obviously this has to stay within the confines of this classromm. Are you ready to participate and cum for your teacher's feet?

Chance Encounter With Aunt Nikki

I've been out with My girlfriends dancing and come home with very sore, aching feet. I find you still up and we get to talking. My feet hurt so bad that I ask you if you wouldn't mind rubbing them. I warn you that My pantyhose feet might have a little stink to them. You agree to massage them and you really do a great job. They feel so much better. That's where things should have ended but, you sheepishly ask if you can smell My feet, as in, bury your nose in them. I'm taken aback by the request but, what the hell. Go for it. You quickly take the chance and smell My sweaty pantyhose feet until you're satified. It definitely needed to end there... But, well, you have a boner and I can tell. Now what do we do? I'm a really nervous about this occurring and worry that My sister might find out that I gave you an erection. After talking Myself into it, I agree that you can masturbate yourself. I even give My feet to you for inspiration. I'm very embarassed and also very turned on knowing that I got you so hard with just My pantyhose and feet. I let you masturbate for and ejaculate on My pantyhose clad feet. I have to admit it. I loved it. We really have to keep this a secret though.

Soles, Toes And A Cigarette

Soft barefoot soles, tasty toes and, of course, a cigarette because... smoking. What will grab your attention the most today? They both demand so much of your mind that you may have to watch it twice, giving each it's proper amount of focus. Whichever you worship first will still be Heaven for you as these are the things that brought you to Me.

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Foot Fetish Videos

Banana Creamed Feet

Sexy, wet and messy, how else would you describe watching My perfect little feet peeling a banana and squishing it between My toes. What a sweet mess. Too bad you weren't here to lick them clean afterwards. I wonder if you'll imagine that the banana is your dick. hmmm. I'll make sure you get to see the delicious mess all over My feet and toes up close. Don't lick your screen, though. It won't taste the same. Note to self... Creamed banana is very slippery.

Addicted To My Oily Soles

It's time to feed that addiction. You know the one. My oily soles have complete control over you. It kinda scares you and you try to pull away but, it never works. your dick keeps leading you back to the perfect mature, MILF bare feet all covered in oil. Is it because you just can't stop picturing your cock between them? How about I put oil all over these sexy feet and you put oil all over your cock and get this party started. Are you ready to stroke your oily cock to My instruction while I tease you with My oily soles? your hard dick says that you are.

Worship Teacher's Feet Pass Fail

You are failing My class. You have come to Me to try an convince Me not to hold you back a year. When you come in I am relaxing with my feet on My desk. You are distracted instantly. It seems that feet might be why you are having trouble focusing in class. You ask if you can worship them. you claim to be very good at it. I'm taken aback but still listening. You suggest that if you do an excellent job servicing My feet that I could then pass you. Your persistence and the whole kinky nature of it all has Me intrigued and I agree. you'll have to watch to see how well you do.

My Feet Are All you Need To Cum

Hey footboy. Are you ready to jerk off for My perfect feet? These pretty MILF feet that own you. These sexy French pedicured toes so tasty and close to you. I know that you can't resist. you know it, too. Stop trying. Give in to your addiction. These perfect feet are all that you need to cum. They do it for you everytime. Enjoy the foot teasing and follow My instructions until you give Me what I want... a huge load of your sticky jizz.

Precise JOI For Bare Feet

I know that these pretty bare feet are what you want. you want to worship them, lick them, suck these toes. It makes your dick hard just thinking about it, doesn't it. Right now, you want to jerk your dick for the soft soles. That is what I want you to do for Me. Stroke that cock precisely the way I say. I want you to cum hard for these perfect feet but, not until I tell you to. We are going to build that load up before I let you erupt.

My Bare Feet Completely Own you

Are you going to give Me what I want? I want what's mine. I want your load of cum on My pretty bare feet. We both know that you are going to get so very hard when I put them on the screen. We both know that they own your fantasies, your erections and your cum. They own you. you will be tempted to start jerking off as soon as you see them but, not so fast today. We are going to take our time getting started stroking. I want you extremely erect. I want you to start stroking when I say. I want you to stroke how I say. Follow My instuctions while I tease you with My pretty bare feet. I will give you lots of cum encouragement when we get to the end. Are you ready to give My feet the cum that they demand?

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